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National Nordic Museum | 2655 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107

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From the Maritime Blue Seattle Incubator at Fishermen’s Terminal

This one-year, free program is housed in the Blue Hub located at Fishermen’s Terminal and allows founders to learn how to take their concept and early-stage companies to the next level.

Astraeus Ocean Systems – Founder/CEO, Alex Parker – www.astraeusocean.com

Forget the complexities of traditional ocean data collection. Astraeus Ocean Systems is building a platform for direct access to a smart network of Autonomous Surface Vessels deployed across the ocean, enabling rapid, cost-effective data delivery tailored to your specific needs.

Oo-Nee-Sea Ranch – Founder/CEO, Aaron Huang –       www.oo-nee.com

Oo-Nee Sea Ranch is on a mission to build sustainable seafood supply chains and regenerate PNW coastal communities and ecosystems by vertically integrating the harvesting, ranching, and processing of purple urchin and other symbiotic coastal species.

RMZ – Founder/CEO, Eric Ramírez Barretowww.rmzmarine.com

RMZ offers a digital platform that connects offshore wind developers, candidates from related fields, and existing training resources to foster workforce development and bridge the gap in skilled professionals needed to achieve energy transition goals in the emerging offshore wind industry.

Earthwise Sorbents – Co-Founder, Andrew Jakubowski – www.earthwisesorbents.com

Earthwise Sorbents, a San Diego, California based company, offers an array of highly effective sorbent products, made from recycled and repurposed foam and fabric materials. We repurpose polyurethane wastes into high performance absorbent pillows and recycled plastic and polypropylene wastes from other large vendors into melt-blown pads, sweeps, and booms.

LOOKOUT – Founder/CEO, David Rose – www.getalookout.com

From navigation aids to hazards to marine mammals – the ultimate view for situational awareness, the LOOKOUT synthesizes data from charts, AIS, computer vision, and the cloud, then fuses it into one intuitive, 3D augmented reality view.

Zin Boats – President/COO, David Donovick – www.zinboats.com 

Zin Boats specializes in high-performance, fully electric boats designed for a smooth, quiet ride with impressive acceleration. Their boats blend luxury and eco-friendliness, making them an ideal choice for modern boating enthusiasts. Based in Seattle, Zin Boats offers cutting-edge electric boating technology with a focus on sustainability and superior performance.

From the Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator

With a steering committee from the City of Tacoma, Port of Tacoma, Tacoma Power, UW-Tacoma and more, this program offers support, programming, mentorship and office and lab space at the Center for Urban Waters on the Tacoma Tideflats.

BlackMuse – Co-Founders, David Robicheaux and Taylor Tate – www.blackmuse.net

BlackMuse specializes in revolutionizing business training through cost-effective, customized VR solutions. Our VR training development services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries, enhancing employee performance, reducing training costs, and increasing operational efficiency. This leads to higher success rates, improved engagement, and a transformative impact on workforce competency.

Future Gen – Founder/CEO, Eddie Mazariegos – www.futuregenxyz.com

Enrich workforce development programs with short-form social media videos coupled with O*Net data-driven insights.

Othentk – Co-Founders, Akulpit Gadre and Jason Nelson – www.othentk.com 

Othentk’s comprehensive platform will let you see and manage all your IoT and Edge devices and allow them to communicate securely. You can monitor, control access policies, and meet security compliance requirements on your devices from anywhere, anytime.

From the One Ocean Accelerator

Designed to support international, later-stage startups from the global blue economy ecosystem, this 12 week program provides a soft landing to founders through programming and direct connections to the Maritime Blue Cluster.

CTNS – Chief Strategy Officer, Junmo Kim –              www.myctns-en.imweb.me

CTNS is a pioneering battery pack startup in Korea, distinguished by its proprietary smart manufacturing and battery data management systems. Since its founding in 2017, CTNS has executed over 500 high-mix low-volume projects, achieving $10M in revenue in 2023. Known for its innovation and reliability, CTNS serves as a key battery pack provider for multinational enterprises and a leading player in the Korean robotics market. Their comprehensive services span development, manufacturing, and management of advanced battery packs, all aimed at fostering a sustainable future through eco-friendly energy solutions.

WATCHIT – Co-Founder/CEO, Tal Duvdevany – www.watchit.ai

We’re bringing technology commonly used in the automotive industry into the world of sailing and boating. Our sophisticated safety engines collect and analyze data inputs surrounding your boat to predict what will happen next and trigger an alert allowing the captain to react on time.

Zeabuz / Future Marine – NA Principal, Martin Stewart – www.zeabuz.com

Zeabuz / Future Marine specializes in maritime autonomy solutions, offering software that enhances vessel operations through advanced human-machine collaboration. Future Marine is the exclusive North American Licensee to bring Zeabuz technology to the US and Canadian markets. Their products include autonomous navigational assistance and adaptable system architectures, suitable for various vessel types and operations.

From the Maritime Blue Ventures Alumni Community

Maritime Blue continues to support all Blue Ventures founders post-program. This support tends to focus on further integrating and connecting alumni founders to the broader Maritime Blue Cluster. The following companies will present updates on their progress.

Aquagga – Founder/CEO, Nigel Sharp – www.aquagga.com 

Aquagga is revolutionizing the fight against environmental pollution with cutting-edge technology designed to completely destroy PFAS, commonly known as “forever chemicals.” Their innovative solutions cater to various sectors, including industrial wastewater, government, and municipal applications. Backed by top-tier research institutions and multiple federal agencies, Aquagga offers scalable solutions from pilot testing to full deployments, making significant strides in eliminating these persistent pollutants from our water systems. 

Blue Dot Kitchen – Founder/CEO, Travis Bettinson – www.bluedotkitchen.com  

Blue Dot Kitchen produces organic, vegan, and gluten-free kelp-based snacks like Seacharrones, aiming to make seagreens a delicious and sustainable food source. Their kelp is farmed in the Salish Sea, enhancing water quality and providing vital marine habitats. Blue Dot Kitchen’s mission is to combat climate change and ocean acidification by promoting the ecological benefits of kelp.

MM-Seas – Co-Founder/CEO, Nate Gilman – www.mmseas.com 

MM-SEAS simplifies the process of obtaining, renewing, or upgrading U.S. Coast Guard licenses for mariners. Their software provides easy-to-use checklists, document uploads, and comprehensive support to ensure accurate applications. Users can choose from free guides, personalized assistance, or full-service handling by experts. MM-SEAS aims to eliminate the stress of dealing with USCG bureaucracy, allowing mariners to focus on their careers.

Photon Marine – Co-Founder/CEO, Marcelino Alvarez – www.photonmarine.com

At Photon, we’re building the world’s most powerful and intelligent electric outboard motor system, tailored to commercial boat fleets. A recent partnership with Silverback Marine, another Maritime Blue Accelerator alumnus offers a complete vessel/propulsion package for small commercial fleets.

Silverback Marine – Founder/CEO, Ian Gracey – www.silverbackmarine.com

Focused on sustainability, Silverback Marine is a custom boat builder in Tacoma, WA offering fully custom aluminum boat design and build. A recent partnership with Photon Marine, another Maritime Blue Accelerator alumnus, offers a complete vessel/propulsion package for small commercial fleets.

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