Global Innovation Hub

Creating a Global Innovation Hub will bring benefits to industry, innovation and infrastructure.


Establish a decarbonized maritime industry that continues to grow and maintain resiliency by taking advantage of an ecosystem of innovations for cleaner air and efficient, cost-saving operations.

Pathway: Deep Decarbonization
Accelerate the transition of Washington’s maritime industry to a low-carbon future pursuing technological innovations, infrastructure, and incentives to enable the transition of local, coastal, and international maritime activity


Digital Transformation

  • Digitally assisted operations
  • Maritime data science

Low-impact Vessel Design & Advanced Manufacturing

Modernization of Fishing, Seafood, & Ocean Innovation Demonstration Projects

Collaborative R&D, Incubation, & Commercialization for Innovation & Demonstration Projects

Policy Recommendations:

Designate a maritime innovation validation zone to perform R&D, testing, and evaluation of safety and performance for digitally-assisted operations.


    Develop incentives and finance mechanisms for maritime innovation in shipbuilding & manufacturing, including vessel replacement for ferries, modernizing fishing fleet, noise reduction, and water quality.

    Fund and develop incubation, R&D, and commercialization platforms for maritime innovation facilities and research centers.

    Demonstration Project: Maritime Innovation Center

    Design and build a Maritime Innovation Center to house cluster programing, co-working space, incubation & support commercialization of technology. The Center will serve as a focal point for the blue economy and support early stage companies through hub-and-spoke model of collaboration across the entire maritime sector in the state.