Zero Emission Fast Foil Ferry

Foil Ferry JIP

A zero-emission, clean transit concept for a high-speed hydrofoil craft using lightweight carbon fiber hull construction. Vision is to help relaunch the “Mosquito” fleet & reduce vehicle traffic. A collaborative approach is needed to address challenges & opportunities. The foil ferry can offer a safe, reliable & cost-effective option, while minimizing the environmental impact on air & water quality as well as  marine life. Washington companies to develop state of the art technology & competence to support our region as a center of excellence for maritime decarbonization.

Project Scope



  • Advance design spiral from concept to preliminary design, to contract design for construction
  • Economic & environmental benefits & impacts 
  • Terminal & shoreside infrastructure requirements
  • Materials & construction
  • Routing analysis & operations
  • Advance detection & avoidance strategies
  • Regulatory, testing & permitting
  • Hybrid funding model for first demonstration

More efficient vessel, reduced emissions, improved commuter & transit options, quieting & strike avoidance to reduce marine mammal impacts, platform for WA manufacturing, innovation & economic development.

March 2021 – December 2022