Maritime Blue

Washington State is a place where nature and humans are inextricably linked; a place where the lifecycle of salmon can indicate the health of an industry; a place where ingenuity is measured not only by its success, but also by its impact in a changing world.

What is Blue?

Washington Maritime Blue is committed to the development of maritime business, technology, and practices that promote a sustainable future contributing to economic growth, ecological health, and thriving communities.

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The Strategy

Washington State’s maritime sector is uniquely poised to become a global leader in innovation and sustainability, ensuring that the state’s maritime industry thrives in the increasingly competitive national and international marketplace for maritime services.

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An independent cluster organization will work as a strategic alliance for accelerating maritime innovation and sustainability through knowledge sharing, technology, business and workforce development projects.

The Blue Economy


 The Blue Economy is sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health.

- World Bank