Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator

These 9 startups were selected for the Third Wave cohort of the Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator and receive intensive programming over a 4-month period. Startups received access to Washington Maritime Blue industry and ocean leaders alongside our Cluster’s global network of mentors and advisors. This is a powerful opportunity for local companies to grow and secure funding in a sector where capital is often scarce.

From digital solutions to large infrastructure – innovation in the Blue Economy will need a diverse and varied financing approach; from public funding to equity stakes. We are seeing investments from Angel groups, Venture Capital, Impact and Corporate investors. There is a need and opportunity for philanthropy, debt financing, and coordination of public dollars to fill gaps and buy-down risk. The blue economy will need to blend financing options, build hybrid stacks of capital, and coordinate across public and private agencies.


These new ventures are passionate about finding innovative solutions to benefit the maritime and ocean economies, healthy marine and ocean ecosystems, and equitable & resilient communities.

Adhere Gear (Portland, OR) – 5G Smart Refrigerated Cargo.

Algeon Materials (San Diego, CA) – Plastic alternative materials and packaging from macroalgae.

Blue Dot Kitchen (Bainbridge Island, WA) – Sustainably sourced, sea-based snack food. 

Carbon Orca (Seattle, WA) – Electric hydrofoil boards.

Marine Safety Solutions (Poway, CA) – Fire mitigation material for vessels.

Photon Marine (Portland, OR) – Electric outboard engines for fleet vessels.

Sea Potential (Seattle / Tacoma, WA) – Diversity training for the maritime industry.

Steamchain (Beaverton, OR) – Smart Contract platform for B2B payment processing.

These selected startups have benefited from intensive programming provided by our staff and mentors over an accelerated 4-month period. In addition to being housed at the Maritime Blue Hub, startups received access to ours global network of mentors and advisors, be a part of unique programming, and have the opportunity to connect with the larger Blue Economy ecosystem. In addition, the cohort will have additional mentorship opportunities, drawing on Maritime Blue’s coalition of industry experts, as well as “pilots with enterprises” demonstration and sales opportunities, and vast connections to the global maritime industry.

Innovation across Washington’s maritime sector is critical for a thriving economy and in the fight to protect our planet and ocean life. These challenges loom large and demand more intentional efforts to ensure solutions are sought by a broader cross-section of companies and individuals, utilizing innovative approaches, such as a maritime accelerator. 

Access to Capital


Washington Maritime Blue is working to direct capital towards maritime innovation and entrepreneurs.

We act as a resource and pipeline to projects, start-ups, and investments that lead towards our vision for a sustainable, innovative and growing blue economy in Washington State.


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