The Maritime Blue Wind collaborative is a nonregulatory coalition with a mission to support the strategic development  and activation of Washington’s participation in the West Coast-wide floating OSW supply chain through a collaborative and community benefits approach.

The State of OSW

The impacts of climate change are being felt across the country and around the world, especially by vulnerable communities. Offshore wind energy generation, alongside other renewable sources, can and must be regarded as an opportunity to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change. By identifying and activating Washington’s role in the West Coast offshore wind supply chain, Maritime Blue Wind aims to mobilize the technical and professional expertise of the region while utilizing the state’s strategic geographic location, resources, and sector expertise.

To get further involved contact: bluewind@maritimeblue.org


Blue Wind aims to channel expertise in the development and execution of research, strategies, and the management of projects to better understand the opportunities for community, industry, and workforce development within the activation of Washington’s engagement in a West Coast floating offshore wind supply chain.

Objectives at a Glance

  • Convene the Cluster of activity, stakeholders, and partners
  • Identify and map WA’s full value and supply chain available to support floating offshore wind along the West Coast
  • Understand the economic, community, and workforce development opportunity for our region through focused convenings and workshops
  • Develop a strategy for and activate WA’s participation in the West Coast OSW Supply Chain through inclusive workshops, studies, and convenings.