Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Community in the South Sound Blue Economy

Based out of the Center for Urban Waters on the Tideflats of Tacoma, our incubator admits companies that can contribute to innovation and economic growth in the South Sound community. Our mission is to extend the time a company has to grow and refine its product/service by reducing a company’s expenses. Things like rent, internet access, an expert consultant, or a conference room to host a large meeting are difficult expenses for a young company to balance. By letting them invest that money instead into hiring, product development, and expanding their business we give them a greater chance at success.

A Place for Everyone, Displacing No One

Our overall goal is to bring maritime and technology jobs to the South Sound region. With that in mind, we preference companies looking to make a home in our community for the long-term. Entrepreneurs excited about expanding our community are the fuel powering our economy as we build back post-pandemic and we encourage anyone passionate about this area to reach out to us! Special consideration is given to those who understand our existing businesses and work to make those businesses grow alongside themselves. There is strong appetite for innovation here, but to build a strong community we have to be good neighbors to all.

Building a strong community also requires searching out and including companies that represent what our diverse, talented community looks like. We sincerely welcome people of all educational backgrounds, economic backgrounds, races, genders, sizes, experience levels, and family statuses. No matter who you are or where you’ve come from – if you are passionate about building this community than we want to meet you!

The Maritime Blue Network helps fund our companies!

From digital solutions to physical hardware to educational curriculum – innovation in the Blue Economy is diverse. It will need a financing approach just as varied and diverse as the companies within the Blue Economy. Our ability to blend public grant dollars, philanthropic investment, angel and venture capital, and debt financing into solutions our companies can use gives them all a better chance of success.

Engage with us!

If you’d like to send us a note, please reach out via the contact form below! We’d love to talk to anyone who is excited about the Blue Economy in the South Sound region or the Pacific Northwest. 

Our TMII Partners

Access to Capital


Washington Maritime Blue is working to direct capital towards maritime innovation and entrepreneurs.

We act as a resource and pipeline to projects, start-ups, and investments that lead towards our vision for a sustainable, innovative and growing blue economy in Washington State.


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