Maritime Blue facilitates collaborative R&D, Joint Innovation Projects (JIPs), business development, and teaming for grant opportunities to implement demonstration projects and drive early-stage technology to commercialization. Modeling other global centers of excellence, we use the collective strength of our Cluster to implement the State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy and collaborate to share resources, take advantage of funding mechanisms, and support strategic and feasibility planning.

Zero Emission Fast Foil Ferry

5G Feasibility Study Tacoma

Tacoma Green Hydrogen

West Coast Offshore Wind

COVID-19 Early Detection for Fisheries/Maritime

Maritime Blue is a finalist for EDA’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge


Bringing together coalition members from across the Pacific Northwest region, our Build Back Blue team seeks to accelerate key capital construction projects, advance research and market analysis, further the development of clean fuels and technologies, and build resilient communities for the future. Read more.