One Ocean Accelerator

A 12-week Program for International Mid-stage Startups

Started from a conversation with Port of Seattle Commissioner, Sam Cho, the One Ocean Innovation Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind program focused on growth-stage maritime and ocean industry international startups with the purpose of expanding into the US market.

The 12 week course connects founders with resourcesmentorsinvestors, and more, providing a “soft landing” for international startups in maritime and ocean sectors to gain access to demonstration projects, pilots, and early sales.

All the while, the founders will access programming designed to increase their operational skill set, grow their network, and position themselves to be the innovative leaders for the region.

Key sectors include Maritime Decarbonization, Port and Shipping Logistics, Maritime/Ocean Digitalization/IoT, Marine Renewable Energy, Sustainable Fishing & Seafood, Advanced Manufacturing, and more…

  • Blue Economy contributes $373 billion towards US gross domestic product
  • $44 billion driver to WA’s economy
  • Relationships across sectors including; aerospace, ag, tech, life sciences, more.
  • Significant investments in maritime, ocean, and clean tech in WA state.
  • Fastest growing US state for innovation, technology and capital investment

Best in class  – Mentor Based Programming

Group programming on topics such as financial models, tax incentives, SEO optimization, market analysis, etc…

Office hours with service firms, insurance, legal, HR, and investors.

One on One sessions with matched professionals and leaders in your field and market.

Connect to a world-class cluster organization made up of members, partners, and stakeholders from industry, research institutions, government and community partners. 


8 Week Virtual


Match Making

Market Analysis

4 Weeks in Seattle

1 on 1 Mentoring


Ecosystem Building

Showcase/Demo Day

Investor Connections

Industry Showcase

Market Entry

For details contact Joshua Berger,

Founder & President/CEO,

Washington Maritime Blue,

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