2023 Cohort

Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator

Below are the Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator companies currently bettering our community, our waterways, and our future.

Building bladeless propulsion technology for water, air and land transportation.
Contact: Elliottblackairmobility@outlook.com

Developing atmospheric carbon capture technology that will turn the CO2 into industrial products.

Contact: makoto@homeostasis.earth

A program supporting innovators and “social entrepreneurs” through hackathon events, media content and books.

Contact: neetal@innov8social.com 

Providing touch screens, software and boating assistance technologies for shipyards and boaters.

Contact: benoit.traineau@kara.technology

This community-member organization uses crowd sourcing to share ideas and resources to address challenges including climate change.

Contact: joseph.casebeer@gmail.com

Creating a clean energy exchange marketplace using blockchain technology.

Contact: psphelps@whygrene.com

What it means to be a Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator company:

Every company that enters TMII benefits our community and our waterways in some fashion.  We are proud to have a diverse group of founders that approach this goal very differently from each other, but they all share a common goal: helping our community via a creative take on how we use water.  These companies are on the cutting edge of the Maritime Industry and are doing things no one has ever done before in ways no one has ever tried.  Through a stringent selection process, TMII encourages only the very best in Maritime to locate themselves in the South Sound, interact with community and municipal leaders to impact policy pushes, and to be an example for the next generation of companies.