Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator

Below are the Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator companies currently bettering our community, our waterways, and our future.



Mission: PFAS – For over sixty years, our drinking water supplies have been slowly poisoned with toxic ‘forever chemicals,’ also known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). 99% of Americans, including newborn babies, have detectable levels of PFAS in their blood. These chemicals cause kidney, liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer, endocrine disruption and developmental issues. As the nation opens its eyes to the irreparable damage done by these ‘forever chemicals,’ we see an opportunity to right the mistakes of the past.

Aquagga offers end-of-life PFAS destruction solutions for environmental remediation firms, industrial filtration companies, solid waste managers, and environmental site managers. Their patented, portable, bolt-on PFAS destruction platform produces no toxic byproducts. Their mission is to permanently end PFAS contamination in our shared environment.

Contact: info@aquagga.com



E-fleet formed in response to profound transformations occurring in the transportation industry driven by a series of converging technological and social trends. Key areas of concentration are vehicle electrification, shared mobility, and autonomous technology.

Contact: gdronkert@pacific-mobility.com



EQULL connects Owner Operators with shippers in an easy-to-use mobile application and online platform.  With Real-Time Visibility and Technology Driven approaches Equll supports trade around our ports.  Much of the world’s trade moves by drayage between ports, rail and other modes. EQULL is technology platform purpose-built for this critical segment of supply chains.

Contact: bati@equll.co

i-Haul (now CoopaSims)


i-Haul provides logistics solutions for high-end residential and estate projects as well as retail home delivery.  Whether you’re a resident in need of white glove delivery services or a firm with major shipments to distribute, they’re equipped and experienced to handle a multitude of needs.  From the fragile to the ultra sturdy, they’ve got you covered near and far!

Contact: ihaul253@gmail.com



Sea Potential cultivates a full cycle of Black Indeginous People Of Color representation in maritime. Through healing activities and ocean justice conversations, they focus on fostering youth appreciation and connection to marine ecosystems, in addition to transforming the maritime industry with inclusive workplace culture.
Sea Potential envisions a world that promotes representation over assimilation. A world centered in reciprocal healing and relationships where everyone is seen, heard, and valued.

Contact: info@seapotential.org

What it means to be a Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator company:

Every company that enters TMII benefits our community and our waterways in some fashion.  We are proud to have a diverse group of founders that approach this goal very differently from each other, but they all share a common goal: helping our community via a creative take on how we use water.  These companies are on the cutting edge of the Maritime Industry and are doing things no one has ever done before in ways no one has ever tried.  Through a stringent selection process, TMII encourages only the very best in Maritime to locate themselves in the South Sound, interact with community and municipal leaders to impact policy pushes, and to be an example for the next generation of companies.

Blue Finance

Access to Capital, Public and Private Financing


Washington Maritime Blue is working to direct capital towards maritime innovation and entrepreneurs.

We act as a resource and pipeline to projects, start-ups, and investments that lead towards our vision for a sustainable, innovative and growing blue economy in Washington State.


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