World Class Cluster

The course towards these goals will be steered by a World-Class Cluster in partnership for the goals.


An organized cluster of competitive companies and partners will continuously drive sustainable economic development for the maritime industry

Pathway: Cluster Coordination
A formal Cluster Organization will drive implementation of the WA Maritime Blue strategy & collaboration to ensure a strong maritime industry founded on competitive maritime companies and an attractive business environment.

Blue Focus

A marketing campaign, in conjunction with partner organizations, to support profitability, visibility, and opportunities across the Blue Economy, including market research and studies.

Blue Forums

Networking and strengthening of the knowledge base: Host workshops, provide market data, cooperation with authorities, develop new technology and knowledge, across member expertise.

Blue Forward

Platform for collaborative R&D projects, Joint Industry Projects (JIP), teaming for grant opportunities. Drive to commercialization.

Blue Force

Enable the workforce of the future through coordination, funding, and public forums. Fostering internship & apprenticeships. Mentor-mentee relationships and hands on learning for K-12.

Blue Finance

Conduit for public and private funding opportunities, supports the development of a privately capitalized fund for innovation.

Demonstration Project: Cluster Alliance

An independent WA Maritime Blue Cluster organization is launching and will be charged with implementation of the strategy through an alliance of maritime businesses, public entities, community organizations, research and training institutions that are ready to proactively accelerate innovation and growth.