21st Century Workforce

Developing a 21st Century Workforce will create a demand for quality education.


A technologically adaptable and inclusive workforce with a sustained stream of high-caliber entrants will be developed 

Pathway: Workforce Development
Next generation of an inclusive and diverse maritime workforce with technological expertise and access to clean, healthy, living-wage jobs.


Career pipeline, pathways, & connections

  • Skill demand forecasting & strategy for workforce pipeline
  • Mapping career pathways in & through the industry

  • Career-connected learning

Inclusivity, support, & outreach

  • Create broader opportunities for equitable & inclusive participation
  • Outreach and engagement

Policy Recommendations:

Dedicate funding for maritime specific training, education and workforce development, including expansion of registered apprenticeships and youth programs. 

Support initiatives for statewide workforce development that encourage alignment and efficiency of programs according to community and industry sector-based priorities.

Adopt recommendations of Career Connect Washington and regional efforts to define and support maritime career pipeline development.

Demonstration Project: Youth Maritime Collaborative

Maritime Blue is committed to guiding today’s youth toward maritime-related careers. With a focus on reaching underrepresented communities through experiential events and high school internships, the Collaborative works to connect companies with the next generation of workers.