West Coast Offshore Wind

West Coast Offshore Wind JIP

A collaboration to evaluate the opportunities and implications of West Coast offshore wind (OSW) development in the context of the triple bottom line values of the Blue Economy: Growing Economy, Healthy Ecosystems, Resilient Communities. The High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy estimates offshore energy production to provide a $3.8 trillion net benefit, with a 12:1 benefit to cost ratio. Europe and Asia are leading the way in development of projects and manufacturing for the OSW supply chain. The US is behind, with East Coast OSW development starting to take shape. No turbines have been installed yet for the West Coast, but project proposals are advancing in California, OR, WA, AK and HI. While WA OSW is likely to lag behind, there is an opportunity to provide supply chain, infrastructure, and support economic opportunity for projects that are first developed in other states.

Project Scope

Cost and benefit analysis using the triple bottom line lens of the Blue Economy: 

    • Growing Economy: Work collaboratively to capture a greater percent of the supply chain than has been seen in East Coast OSW development. Leverage studies being done nationally and add regional expertise to increase understanding of the West Coast economic development opportunities. Expand supply chain mapping to include floating OSW needs, along with potential regional suppliers and Ports.
    • Healthy Ecosystems: What are the implications of OSW development within our coastal ecosystems, as well as broader decarbonization and climate change mitigation strategies. 
    • Resilient Communities: Work with our communities to engage and ensure that costal communities are supported and participating in the economic development opportunities.