SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (January 26, 2022) — Washington Maritime Blue announces its first cohort of the One Ocean Innovation Accelerator, an intensive mentor-based twelve-week program focused on helping international maritime industry startups learn how to scale and grow an equitable and sustainable blue economy. Maritime Blue is an independent, nonprofit organization building the leadership, infrastructure, and global connections to scale the blue economy. This first cohort is composed of companies from Korea and Finland who are looking to expand their reach beyond their borders and into the US market by way of Washington state.

These startups will participate in global networking events, mentorship opportunities, and programming to evolve business development initiatives, messaging and communications, legal considerations, investments, financing, and other opportunities for growth. Startups receive access to Washington Maritime Blue industry and ocean leaders alongside a global network of startup mentors and advisors.

This program was the result of conversations with several key stakeholders including recently elected Port Commission President, Sam Cho who has been instrumental in establishing the concept alongside Maritime Blue.

“Commissioner Cho has been instrumental in helping to create this program. From a small conversation to launching the program less than a year later is a testament to how needed this program is.” says Josh Carter, Director of Blue Ventures “We hope to grow this program to include more of our country partners for future cohorts.”

The companies will participate remotely for the first few weeks of the program followed by on-site events at Maritime Blue’s HQ at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle, Wa. While on-site the companies will have an opportunity to connect with each other, meet ecosystem partners, and learn more about how to expand their businesses in Washington state.

The companies joining include:

Elogrid (Finland) – Helping Ships Improve Maneuverability

Gigachance (Korea) – VR/AR Platform for Ships and Plants

JJ & Companies (Korea) – AI Powered Aquatic Lives Biometric Analysis

Microsystems (Korea) – Drop Free Glass for Autonomous Shipping

Muveen (Korea) – Safety Supply Materials for the Shipping Industry

TAS Global (Korea) – Underwater Hull Cleaning and filtration

Rewake (Finland) – Intelligence Platform for Fuel and Energy Efficiency

You can learn more about the Maritime Blue One Ocean Accelerator here:

Maritime Blue welcomes these companies from Korea and Finland and will work to connect them with local resources including potential customers, investors, as well as strategic partners to help them gain entry to the market here in Washington state in the hopes that they will one day become the next big job creators for our region.

“This program is so unique in that we have brought together all of these founders into one program from their respective countries. They will have a chance to learn about each other, but also how different it is to do business in the US versus where they’re from,” said Josh Carter, Director of Blue Ventures at Maritime Blue. “We have built such a robust network of partners through our cluster and companies that are working overseas and see Washington state as a viable place to expand can now leverage that network to give them a competitive advantage.”

Supporters and partners for the development of this pilot year of the program include the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Korea SME and Startup Agency (KOSME) , and Business Finland.

Local maritime and ocean stakeholders will have their first opportunity to meet these founders at a meet and greet event happening in Seattle in mid-March. Details about that event as well as more opportunities to connect with the companies of the One Ocean program can be found on the website.

The accelerator program will conclude with a showcase the first week of April.

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