Growing Gateways

Making Growing Gateways will secure decent work and economic growth


Washington will be a premier region for imports, exports and maritime industrial activity with a reputation for safety, transparency, efficiency, and sustainability.

Pathway: Working Waterfronts
Washington will lead the nation in efficient, clean, and safe maritime practices across all maritime communities and sectors of the industry.


Smart Ports

  • Digitalized processes
  • Clean & efficient operations
  • Attracting and training the future workforce of our ports


and Regulatory Strategy

  • Long-term maritime infrastructure & transportation strategy
  • Regulatory predictability & land use

Blue Gateway

  • Attracting business activity through sustainability
  • Maritime sector stewardship & corporate social responsibility

  • Increase eco-tourism & recreational boating

Policy Recommendations:

Invest in critical port and maritime infrastructure to maintain and increase modernization and competitiveness.


Align and simplify the regulatory and permitting process to improve, speed, efficiency and predictability in maritime infrastructure projects.

Develop regional collaborations and partnerships that promote competitiveness and reduce ecological impact.


Demonstration Project: 

Work with regulatory agencies to create a process for Blue innovation projects that meet sustainable economic development criteria. This could include establishment of a maritime innovation validation zone; and a designated in-water location with streamlined permitting to allow for research, demonstration, testing, and evaluation of new technologies.