Low Carbon Industry

An energy transition to a Thriving, Low Carbon Industry will deliver real climate action.


Establish a decarbonized maritime industry that continues to grow and maintain resiliency by taking advantage of an ecosystem of innovations for cleaner air and efficient, cost-saving operations.

Pathway: Deep Decarbonization
Accelerate the transition of Washington’s maritime industry to a low-carbon future pursuing technological innovations, infrastructure, and incentives to enable the transition of local, coastal, and international maritime activity


Low-carbon maritime technologies onboard

Low-carbon shore side infrastructure

Strategies for emissions reductions

Policy Recommendations:

Secure funding to develop and  support vessels & shore side infrastructure for electric operations and cleaner low-carbon fuels.

Adopt policies and incentives to create market conditions that reduce carbon (and other) emissions from maritime applications.

Ensure public funds for clean energy and carbon mitigation are directed towards maritime, clean technology applications.

Demonstration Project: Fleet Electrification

Electrification of state and regional ferries to reduce air & noise emissions & establish competitive edge in sustainable vessel design & manufacturing:

  • Conversion of 2 existing state ferries
  • WSF to construct 2 new electric ferries
  • Planned Skagit County all-electric ferry
  • High-speed passenger ferries across the region