Blue Forum:

Uptown Tech Meets

the Working Waterfront

May 14, 2019 – Seattle, WA

About this Blue Forum

Connecting WA’s robust Information & Communications Technology sector with its Maritime Sector. Please join us to explore digital solutions for decarbonizing Maritime Trade.

This forum will convene maritime and tech industry leaders and stakeholders in Seattle to discuss the role and opportunity for Data, Digitalization and IoT solutions/challenges for maritime optimization and decarbonization. Goals of the Forum include knowledge transfer of challenges and technology readiness for solutions and the potential of developing joint industry projects.

Challenges & Opportunities

The OECD predicts the Global Ocean Economy is expected to double to $3 Trillion by 2030.  If, and only if, we employ sustainable solutions and accelerate innovation that address current climate and ocean health challenges – accelerating the Blue Economy.

Tech Tools

Global shipping and the logistics chain is dramatically changing. There are significant ‘software’ solutions that can measure and optimize operations to reduce carbon through transparency, common platforms, and data analytics.

Tough Questions

We must address the potential of adverse reductions in living-wage, trade-based jobs from increased digitalization. We will engage an open, honest dialogue to find creative and pragmatic solutions for diversity, securing good jobs, economic growth, and environmental protection.

Featured Talks & Speakers


Topics Include:

What solutions can the Tech industry bring to the Maritime industry to optimize the logistics supply chain?

What tools are being used for Smart Cities, Future of Work, Industry 4.0 that can be brought to bear to maritime applications?

How are these solutions supporting Maritime’s decarbonization goals and efforts?

How are we, as a community, going to protect from potential job displacement and need for inclusion, diversity, and training in the next generation of the maritime workforce?

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